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Image by Lidya Nada

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Riders Can Be On One Animal? 

Only 1 rider per animal. Exceptions are made for small children who can ride with a parent or caretaker. Additional charge will apply for additional riders.

What Are the Rates? 

10 minutes:  $10

20 minutes:  $15

30minutes:  $20

Where Can I Ride the Animals?

Riders will be provided with designated riding zones in the mall. Riders are not allowed to go outside of the mall and inside the stores.

Is it Safe to Ride the Animals?

Our animals are easy to maneuver and moves at walking speed. Bumping into persons or other animal riders is strictly not permitted.

I'm an Adult. Can I ride them?

Yes! Our animals are built to hold up to 270 pounds.

How Tall Must You Be to Ride the Animals? 

Riders should be at least 4 ft to ride by themselves.

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